Лиса из Blackpink — звезда показа Celine весна-лето 2022


Лиса из Blackpink — звезда показа Celine весна-лето 2022

Эди Слиман представил новую коллекцию

Blackpink in Spain | Lisa Fancam and Best Moments | Barcelona Fans Insane Energy

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Blackpink continues their European tour with a stop in Barcelona, Spain at the Palau Sant Jordi Arena. The last time the Pinks performed here was in May of 2019. During the soundcheck, Lisa informed the fans that she has been experiencing some extreme pain, but she plans to give it her all tonight. And she certainly did. Her execution and professionalism always leave us speechless.

Lisa’s iconic outfit during soundcheck also mesmerized fans, showing her love for cats as she’s wearing cat ears and a Kool Kat shirt. During the show, Lisa’s solo performance was just impeccable. Her ability to silence the crowd is always addictive to watch. Before and during the show, the Spanish fans definitely showed the world that they can bring the energy.

The whole arena singing Blackpink songs in unison acapella style was really goosebumps-inducing. Fans all over the globe watching at home and can only wish they were amongst the crowd. Needless to say, the fans in Barcelona are simply amazing. Please subscribe to our channel as we plan to bring you the latest news regarding Blackpink’s world tour. What’s do you think of today’s Lisa News? Please comment, like and subscribe!

LISA Blackpink dancing and making a heart with her hands for Blinks @ Paris 26 june 2022 Celine show

Lisa 리사 Blackpink with french fans @ Paris 26 june 2022 for Celine Fashion show Fashion Week

Тэхён, Пак Бо Гом и Лиса пребывают на модный показ Celine

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